Thesis in MS-CNS

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T141 Real valued genetic algorithm based approach for protein structure prediction Madhusmita 200661002 Harjinder Singh; Abhijit Mitra
T195 Graph Spectral Approach for Domain Identification in Proteins Harikrishna Y 200761004 Nita Parekh
T198 Analyzing Structure and Dynamics of RNA Molecules. A Graph Theoretic Approach towards Automated Feature Extraction Eslite Mutt 200761003 Abhijit Mitra
T212 In Vitro Characterization of Enzyme Bound Iron Oxide Nanoparticle for Biosensor Applications Ravikanth Pathak 200760008 Abhijit Mitra
T343 Analysis of Underlying Topology on Dynamical Networks Raina Arora 200663002 Nita Parekh
T380 Visual Representations in Science Textbooks Sania Zehra Zaidi 200763001 Bipin Indurkhya
T381 Computational Modelling of the Trans-Membrane Regions of the Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome Corona-Virus 3a Protein Ashwath 200761002 Harjinder Singh
T452 Topological Analysis of Air Transportation Networks Manasi Sudhir Sapre 200763002 Nita Parekh
T479 Structures and Energies of RNA Nucleobase-Drug Interactions: a quantum chemical study Anubhooti 200965001 Abhijit Mitra
T515 Reformulation of the Quantum control Problem as hamiltonian Dynamics in Classical like Phase Space Suvendu Giri 201165588 Harjinder Singh
T524 Atomic Level Interactions Distinguishing the On and Off States of Sam-III Riboswitch Harini Srinivasan 200965002 Deva Priyakumar, U
T526 Effect of Thermal perturbation on the Mechanical Unfolding of Titin127 Navneet Bung 200965004 Deva Priyakumar, U
T532 Enhancement of Water Flow through Double-Walled Carbon nanotubes Srinivas Marimganti 200865002 Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T539 Climbing the Hill in the Dark: methods for crossing the free energy barriers Krishna Kant Singh 200965003 Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T588 Geometry, Energetics and Properties of Protonated and Deprotonated RNA Bases Antarip Halder 200863001 Abhijit Mitra
T589 Analysis of Water Flow Through Nano-channels Shivangi Singh 200763003 Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T590 Assembly of SARS 3a Protein Transmembrane Using a Minimum Unfavorable Contact Approach Ramakrishna S 200763004 Deva Priyakumar, U
T634 Structural and Computational Investigation of Charge Transfer Mechanism in SmTGR Sharma Parshvika 201061002 Abhijit Mitra
T647 Two Problems in Quantum Control and Information Abhishek Deshpande 200964003 Harjinder Singh
T668 Broadcasting of Correlations and Secret Sharing in a Quantum World Sourav Chatterjee 201063001 Indranil Chakravathy
T670 Sequence and Structural Analysis of pre-mRNAs among Co-Expressed Mammalian Genes with Respect to Alternative Splicing Ramya G 200865003 Abhijit Mitra
T698 Density functional Theory Based Studies of Electronic Structure and Properties of Gold Clusters and their Complexes with Supriya Ranjan 200964013 Deva Priyakumar, U; Harjinder Singh
T716 Analysis of Chimera Behavior in Coupled Logistic Maps on different Connection Topologies Prannetha Bellamkonda 200964014 Nita Parekh
T721 Atomistic Detailed Insights in to the (un)folding of Trp-cage and interactions between urea and side-chains of aromatic Amino Acids Siddharth Goyal 201064049 Deva Priyakumar, U
T734 Structure and Dynamics of Purine Riboswitches: addressing some generic questions using the Work Like Chain Model Shriyaa Mittal 201064056 Abhijit Mitra
T761 Problems in Quantum Cryptography and Communications Maharshi Ray 201064021 Indranil Chakravathy; Harjinder Singh
T800 Urea Mimics Nucleobases by Preserving the Helical Integrity of B-DNA Duplexes via Hydrogen Bonding and Stacking Interactions Indrajit Patil 200964016 Deva Priyakumar, U
T812 Construction Grammar Approach for Tamil Dependency Parsing Vignesharan M 201350872 Dipti Misra Sharma
T834 Role of Reverse Watson-Crick Purine-Purine Base Pairs in Functional RNAs Abhinav Mittal 201164225 Abhijit Mitra
T842 Nonlocality and Complementarity of Quantum Correlaltions and Issues related to closed Time like Curves in Quantum Framework Sasha Sami 201064151 Indranil Chakravathy
T857 Dynamic Approach to Quantum Searching and its Applications Vanshdeep Singh 201164123 Indranil Chakravathy
T866 Effect of N-Ethipyrrolidone (EP) and Polyvingylpyrrolidone (PVP) Adsorption on the Structure, Interaction, Dynamics and Stability of Metal Nanoparticles Aditi Gupta 201164064 Deva Priyakumar, U
T901 Density Functional Theory and Genetic Algorithm Based Studies of Gold Clusters and Doped Gold Clusters Lovepreet Singh Sidhu 201164043 Harjinder Singh
T933 Boradcasting of entanglement and consequences on Quantum Information Processing Jaya 200964008 Indranil Chakravathy; Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T940 Probabilistic Framework for Constructing Temporal Relations in Monte Carlo Trajectories Aditya Chattopadhyay 201264201 Deva Priyakumar, U
T988 Quantum Deletion and Broadcasting of Quantum Correlations Aditya Jain 201264210 Indranil Chakravathy
T989 Broadcasting of Quantum Correlations using Dynamic State Dependent Cloner Manish Kumar Shukla 201164080 Indranil Chakravathy
T990 Copy Number Variation Detection using Next Generation Sequencing Data Sriharsha Vogeti 201164157 Nita Parekh
T1003 Experimental and Computational Investigation of Aspects of Sequencing Remya Sankar 201264199 Bapi Raju Surampudi
T1038 Cosmic Acceleration Sourced by Slowly Rolling Scalar Filed and by the Interaction Between Known Components of Matter in the Universe Abhineet Agarwal 201064156 Subhadip Mitra
T1058 Factors Stabilizing G:G with CIS Base Pair Geometry in RNA Crystal Structures Jayanthi Katuri 201264015 Abhijit Mitra
T1071 Functional Connectomics to Study Autism Spectrum Disorder Harlalka Vatika 201364090 Vinod, P K
T1072 Detection and Anlaysis of Sequence Variants in Next Generation Sequencing Data Sampreeth Reddy Seelam 201364119 Nita Parekh
T1080 Quantum Mechanical Investigation of the Nature of RNA Base-Urea Stacking Interactions Nitish Alodia 201064062 Deva Priyakumar, U
T1089 Systems-Level Analysis of Metabolic Disorders Shubham Kumar 201364158 Vinod, P K
T1094 Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Vinay Lanke 201460653 Vinod, P K
T1101 Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression and DNA Methylation in Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma Noor Pratap Singh 201364176 Vinod, P K
T1114 Efficient Implementation of Kirchhoff-Helmholtz Transform on GPU for use in Digital In-Line Holographic Microscopy Gagandeep Singh Dhanoa 201164059 Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T1153 Imposibilities and Approximations in Quantum Information Theory Dhrumil Patel 201364028 Indranil Chakrabarty
T1161 Exploiting Pure and Modified ZnO Nanoflowers-Based Acetone and Ethanol Gas Sensors Abhijeet Thakur 201264203 Tapan Kumar Sau
T1164 Enhanced Sampling using Multiple Interacting Replicas in a Nonequilibirium Abhirath Batra 201264207 Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T1167 RNA Structural Features at the Interface of RNA-Protein Complexes Sanjana Karanth K 201164006 Abhijit Mitra
T1177 Identification and Classification of Base-Base Stacking Interactions in functional RNA Molecules Ayush Jhunjhunwala 201364162 Abhijit Mitra
T1188 Computational Study of Protein-DNA Binding during DNA Damage Repair and Gene Activation Abhinandan Panigrahi 201164191 Marimuthu Krishnan
T1189 Prospects for Searches for Lepoquarks Decaying into Top Quarks and Munos at the HL-LHC Chandak, Kushagra 201464106 Subhadip Mitra
T1204 Towards Efficient Exploration of Complete Relevant Phase Space: combined classification and regressions scheme (CCRS) for on-the-fly collective variable prediction in condensed matter systems Navya Khare 201564220 Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T1205 Enhanced Sampling using Replica Exchange with Non-equilibrium Switches Shaunak Badani 20171004 Marimuthu Krishnan
T1236 Detecting Genuine Multipartite Quantum Entanglement with Eternal Non-Markovianity Ankit Shambhunath Vaishy 20161020 Subhadip Mitra; Samyadeb Bhattacharya
T1244 Deep-StRIP: Deep Learning Approach for Structural Repeat Identification in Proteins Kanak Garg 201564110 Nita Parekh
T1286 Quantum Phase Recognition using Quantum Tensor Networks Shweta Sahoo 20171006 Harjinder Singh
T1292 Deciphering Beyond the View: A Brain Decoding Approach to Language Processing Tasks Jashn Arora 2018114006 Bapi Raju Surampudi
T1302 Computational Investigation of Binding-Induced Conformational Transitions in Proteins: application of minimum energy path analysis and enhanced sampling method Madhur Aggarwal 201564235 Marimuthu Krishnan
T1306 Machine - Learning driven Transformation and Analysis of Quantum Circuits for NISQ-era hardware Animesh Sinha 2018113001 Harjinder Singh
T1324 Multi-Class Classification of Malaria Parasite Life Cycle using Single cell Transcriptomes Swamim Shukla 20161113 Bhaswar Ghosh
T1325 Revisiting Deep Learning for particle physics Jai Bardhan 2018113008 Subhadip Mitra
T1327 Quantum Algorithms for Regularized Least Squares Aditya Morolia 20171177 Shantanav Chakraborty; Indranil Chakravathy
T1328 Machine Learning for Inverse Problems in Chemistry: Spectra to Structure Bhuvanesh, S 2018113002 Deva Priyakumar, U
T1329 COVID-19 in India: An Interdisciplinary Study of Demographic, Structural and Epidemiological Factors Kushargra, Agarwal 2018113012 Nita Parekh
T1330 Effective and Efficient Attribute aware open set face verification Arunkumar Subramanian 2018900014 Anoop M Namboodri
T1334 Effects of Cu, Ag, Au, and Pd Nanocluster Loading on Acetone and Ethanol Sensing Performance of ZnO: ADFT Study Oishika Pradhan 20161224 Tapan Kumar Sau
T1335 Multi-Stress Rice Transcriptome Analysis Using Network-based Approach Mayank Musaddi 20171115 Nita Parekh
T1340 Receptor Status Prediction in Breast Cancer Patients from DNA Methylation Data Saksham Gupta 20161090 Nita Parekh
T1356 Exploring the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: ECG Reconstruction from Single Lead ECG Recordings and PPG Signals Akshit, Garg 2018113006 Deva Priyakumar, U
T1403Computational Investigation of Allostery and Binding Interactions in ProteinsPrabhakant, Akshay20161074Marimuthu Krishnan
T1404Generative schemes for drug design with shape captioningShasya, Shikhar20171029Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T1405Exploring DNA Lesion Recognition Mechanisms for Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimers and 6-4 Photoproduct by Rad4Jakhar, Nikhil20171186Marimuthu Krishnan
T1426 Exploring the Complexity of Healthy Aging: A Multi-Time-Scale Analysis to Investigate the Reorganization of Functional Networks and Associated Cognitive Changes across the Lifespan Arpita Dash 20161048 Bapi Raju Surampudi
T1427 Right-handed Neutrinos form Leptoquark Decays: the Monolepton Channel at the Large Hadron Collider Chaurasia, Yash 20171116 Subhadip Mitra
T1428 Investigating Spatiai Signatures of Spin-Glasss Critically in the Human Brain Anirudh, Palutla 2018113007 Marimuthu, Krishnan
T1469 Chemical Named Entity Recognition of Role Labelled Synthetic Chemical Procedures from Patents Dutta, Shubhangi 2018113004 Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram
T1470 Quantum Broadcasting of 3x3 Negative Partial Transpose Entangled States Chattopadhyay, Sabuj 201264095 Indranil Chakrabarty
T1490 First Passage and Machine Learning Perspectives of RPS/RPSSL Systems Viswanathan, Karthik 2019113015 Chittaranjan Hens