Frequently Asked Questions

What is the due date for issued books?
A: 14 days.

Can I renew the book?
A: Yes.If the book is on demand by anybody, it cannot be renewed.

How Can I recommend a book?
A: An authorized user can recommend a book for purchase. In this regard, fill and submit an online form available in library website here .

I have lost the book, what I have to do?
A: You should replace the book along with fine as per the library rules. If the title is not available you should pay 3 times of the book cost, and in case of the book is out of print you have to pay 4 times of the book cost. For this purpose, you need to request the Chair, Library Committee with sufficient reasons for loss of book and submit the application in the library.

Whether the library has subscribed any e-journals ?
A: Yes, Library has subscribed e-journals such as IEL, Science Direct, ACM, Springer, and ASCE. You can browse through the library website Here

I want to know the number of books I have checked out?
A: Visit here click on My Account, @ "Enter User ID" Enter your roll number (ex: 2020101001) @ Enter Password (no need to give password) to find list of books checked out.

Can I reserve the book through WebOPAC?
A: Yes, when the book is checked out by any other user, your reserve will be accepted.

Where I can find notices and announcements?
A: In the Library website here

Does the library conduct any book exhibitions in the institute?
A: Yes, book exhibitions are conducted in institute, you can find your required books through the exhibitions.

Can I bring my personal books/materials to library?
A: Users are not allowed to bring their personal books or other reading materials to the library. They, however, can bring their personal materials to Library Reading Room (i.e., in front of the library).

Can I get CDs accompanied with the books or magazines?
A: Yes, submit your Identity Card and Collect the CD from the Library.

Whether I have to bring My Identity Card to Library?
A: Yes, you have to show your identity to the security personal in the library and also while issuing the books.

My ID-Card is missing what do I do?
A: Report to Library staff and block your account so there may be no mis-use of your card.

How can I recommend subscription to a new journal/magazine in the library?
A: An authorized user can send the request for subscription to the new journal/magazine to the Chair, Library.

Shall I authorize to get Thesis and project reports from the library?
A: No, refer thesis and projects in the library only. However, you can take photocopy.

Shall I use the computers in the library for check my personnel mails?
A: No, the computers are available for accesses e-journals and e-materials