Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timing of Library?
  • Weekdays: 09.00 am to 00:00 hrs (midnight)
  • Sunday: 10.00 am to 17.00 hrs
  • Reading Room: 09.00 am to 3.00 am (next day)
  • The Library is kept open up to 01.00 am during the end-semester examinations
  • NOTE: Time-to-Time updates visit IIITH Library website

    Can I bring My Identity Card to the Library?
    A: Yes, you must bring your identity card when entering the Library.

    Is entry/exit mandatory for the member to use the Library?
    A: We maintain a systematic entry and exit record; it is imperative to register both when entering and leaving the library premises using a Biometric scanner located at the library entrance.

    Who can use the library facility?
    A: The following Library members are entitled to use this facility; Currently students, Faculty Members, and Staff members, Non-IIITH people can access the Library within the campus only by using print resources.

    How many books can I get at a time? And the duration of the issued books.
    A: Please refer to the Library Rules on the mentioned link.

    What are the fine amounts for overdue items?
    A: An overdue charge of Rs. 1.00 per day per book will be collected for return. the books after the due date borrowed by them.

    What is the Library Fine Payment Process?
    A: You can pay fines/overdue charges through the online payment link or Visit the Library personally, and pay fines/due charges through the digital payment option at the circulation counter during the library circulation hours.

    I have lost the book; what must I do?
    A: It would help to replace the book with a fine per the library rules. The lost book should be replaced by the latest edition (new book) with overdue charges. In case the book is out of print or not available in the market then double of the cost mentioned in the Accession register should be charged

    How many times can I renew the book?
    A: Only one Time (After the first 14 days)

    I want to know the number of books I have checked out
    A: Visit the Library OPAC through the mentioned link and follow the process. Click on My Account, @ "Enter User ID" Enter your roll number (ex: 2020101001) @ Enter Password (no need to give Password) to find a list of books checked out.

    Can I reserve the book through Web OPAC?
    A: Yes, your reserve will be accepted when any other user checks out the book.

    Can I reserve multiple books in my name that have already been issued from the Library?
    A: Yes, you can reserve two books in your account, even if they are currently issued to another library member.

    How do I get the library notices/reminders?
    A: Members will receive email notifications/reminders for every overdue book. Please contact the Library Circulation counter if you do not receive any email.

    Is there any provision for visitors and walk-in users

    A: IIIT-H Library offers membership for Faculty, Researchers, and Students from IITs, NITs, Central Universities, R & D organizations, and other Institutions are allowed to refer to the Library free of charge against introduction letters from their respective organizations an identity proof of copy of the Institute ID Card and Aadhar is mandatory.

    Permitted to user physical resources, No borrowing privileges. Abide by all Institute and Library policies and terms.

    For more details, please get in touch with the Office of the Library or mail to

    Is there a Separate Reading Room Facility?
    A: Yes, we have provided a separate reading room facility for the use of personal books.

    Can I bring my books/materials to the Library?
    A: Users cannot bring their books or issued books and other reading materials to the Library. However, they can get their books or other materials to the Library Reading Room (First Floor of the Library).

    Whether the Library has subscribed to any e-journals?
    A: The Library has subscribed to e-journals such as IEEE, ACM, Elsevier Science Direct, Springer, ASCE, JSTOR, Science Online, APS, SCOPUS, and Manupatra Database.

    Can I access online library resources from home?
    A: IIITH Library has provided a remote access facility to the current Students, Faculty Members, and Staff Members to access the subscribed e-resources from an off-campus location through VPN.

    How can I recommend a subscription to a new journal/magazine in the Library?
    A: An authorized user can send the request for a subscription to the new journal/magazine to the Library.

    Shall I be authorized to get the Thesis and project reports from the Library?
    A: No, refer to the thesis and projects in the Library only. However, you can take a photocopy.

    My ID card is missing; what should I do?
    A: Report to Library staff and block your account to avoid misuse of your card.

    Shall I use the computers in the Library?
    A: Yes, the computers are available for access to e-journals and e-resources.

    What is Lost and Found in the Library?
    A: If members forget their belongings at the library closing time, check with library security and claim yours if you spot it. The Security person will confirm ownership before returning the items to their rightful owners.

    How Can I recommend a book?
    A: Yes, An authorized user can recommend a book for purchase. In this regard, fill out and submit an online Book Request form on the library website. Feel free to share your valuable suggestions with us! We truly appreciate your input, as it helps us improve the quality of our library services. Drop an email request to

    Does the Library conduct any book exhibitions in the institute?
    A: Yes, book exhibitions are conducted in the institute every semester beginning, you can find your required books through the exhibitions.

    What shall I do if I need the clearance of no-dues from the Library?
    A: The library will issue no dues/clearance certificate upon the clearance of all outstanding dues related to borrowed books and fine amounts.