Thesis in MS-CSSP

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T5 Optical Trade of Between Covariance Matrix Size and Number of Outer Products in Blind Channel Identification Deshpande, Pankaj 200336003 Umapthi Reddy, V
T63 Optional trade-off between covariance matrix size and number of outer products in blind channel identification Pankaj Arvind Deshpande 200307002 Umapthi Reddy, V
T95 Design approach for a signal mathod wavelet for de-nosing application Bhavik Fajalia 200436001 Umapthi Reddy, V
T115 Code-set for a robust 8.25 MBPS data rate for IEEE 802.11 B Wireless LANs Subhendu Batabyal 200336002 Umapthi Reddy, V
T116 Improved frame synchronization and frequency offset estimation algorithm for OFDM based system with application to wireless MAN Nanda Kishore Ch 200336001 Umapthi Reddy, V
T162 Design And Analysis Of Matched Biorthogonal Wavelets For Image De Noising Sanjeev Pragada 200536002 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T185 Complexity Reduction Of Receiver RFIC Prashanth Pai 200636001 Zafer Ali Khan
T216 Low-Complexity Design of Frequency Hopping Codes for Mimo Radar for Arbitrary Doppler Badrinath S 200431002 Reddy, U V
T218 Ber Degradation of MC-CDMA at High SNR with MMSE Equalization and Residual Frequency Offset Harinath Reddy P 200431004 Reddy, U V
T223 Herarclical Blind Modulation Classification in the Presence of Carries Frequency Offset Chaitanya Vellampalli 200736002 Reddy, U V
T229 Hierarchical Blind Modulation Classification in the Presence of Multipath Channels Niranjan Kumar V V M 200431010 Reddy, U V
T387 Blind Modulation Classification and Symbol Rate Estimation in Rayleigh Fading Multipath Environment with frequency and Timing Offsets Anantha Krishna Karthik N 200531002 Reddy, U V
T416 Design and Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Miniature Slotted FRID Tag Antennas for Metelic Application Apoorva Sharma 200932002 Syed Azemuddin
T475 Improving Image Quality of Synthetically Zoomed Tomographic Images Neha Dixit 200636002 Jayanthi Sivaswamy