ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T156 Towards Large Scale Image Based Robot Navigation Supreeth Achar 200431009 Jawahar, C V
T231 Novel Approach to Reduce Delay and Power in VLSI Interconnects Sandeep Saini 200431007 Srinivas, M B
T294 De-Identification for Privacy Protection in Surveillance Videos Prachi Agrawal 200431006 Narayanan, P J
T389 Low Power and Error Resilient probabilistic Floating Point Multiplier Aman Gupta 200631001 Satyam, M
T406 Energy Efficient Architecture and Protocols for Cognitive Radio based Sensor Networks Sandhyasree Taskani 200832003 Rama Murthy, G
T433 Self healing Architecture for SRAM Based Memories Padma Sravani A 200832001 Satyam, M
T438 Towards Understanding Interest Region Detection and Description for Image Analysis Kartheek Medathati N V 200531003 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T453 Hierarchical Ring Networks: design and application in E-UTRAN Kishore Kshirsagar Lakshman 200631005 Rajan, K S
T457 Voice Conversion using articulatory Features Bajibabu Bollepalli 200731002 Kishore Prahalad
T460 Study of Effect of Process Variations on SRAM CELL Suresh Kumar Varanasi 200832006 Satyam, M
T485 Modeling, Simulation and Planning of a Synchronous Drive Robot on Uneven Terrain Aditya Gattupalli 200731003 Madhava Krishna, K
T486 Analysis for Synthesis of Nonverbal Elements of Speech Communication based on Excitation source Information Sathya Adithya Thati 200731009 Yegnanarayana, B
T494 A Proposed Model for Deployment and Operation of LTE Networks with Improved Energy and Throughput Management Kaza Kesav Ram 200631004 Rajan, K S
T503 Robust motion estimation and analysis based on Statistical Information V S Rao Veeravasarapu 200731010 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T525 Motion Segmentation and Reconstruction of Moving Objects from a Moving Monocular Camera Rahul Kumar Namdev 200731006 Madhava Krishna, K; Jawahar, C V
T530 Design of Low Power 8-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with Good Voltage-Stability Anushul Agarwal 200431001 Satyam, M
T531 Modeling Based Noise Removal and Fetal ECG Extraction from Trans-Abdominal Maternal ECG Sakshi Agrawal 201132554 Anubha Gupta
T558 Memory Constrained Grid Based Markov Localization with Data Compression Techniques Prem Bhargav B V V 200731001 Madhava Krishna, K
T598 On the Suitability of Multi-Core Processing for Embedded Automotive Systems Santosh Kumar Jena 200550010 Srinivas, M B
T609 FPGA based Multi-Robot Reciprocal Collision Avoidance Roopak Dubey 200831010 Madhava Krishna, K; Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T610 Two-Tier Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Architecture for Collision Avoidance Algorithms Neeraj Pradhan 200831008 Madhava Krishna, K; Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T611 Generation of Syllable Level Templates Using Dynamic Programming for Statistical Speech Synthesis Ronanki Srikanth 200731007 Kishore Prahalad
T614 Reconfigurable Kalman Filter Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Grid Applications Varun Ramchandani 200831011 Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T640 Low Power Testable Floating Point ALU Sandhya Vinjam 200631007 Satyam, M
T645 Learning Semantic Interaction Among Indoor Objects Swagatika Panda 201032007 Jawahar, C V
T650 Embedding Hearing and functionality into a Mobile Phone Aditya Singal 200531001 Sharma, K R
T655 Energy Aware Protocols and Network Emulation for Wireless Sensor and Adhoc Networks Ravi Shankar Varma Addala 200650018 Rama Murthy, G
T656 Efficient Spectrum Sensing and Testbed Development for Cognitive Radio Based Wireless Sensor Networks Sumit Kumar 201032005 Rama Murthy, G
T667 Novel Noise Cancelling Technique for CMOS Low Noise Amplifier Mohd Anwar 201132638 Azemuddin Syed
T671 Multiprocessing on FPGA using Light Weight Processor Mohammed Ahsan Raza 201050096 Azemuddin Syed
T686 Time Frequency analysis for Motion Magnification and Detection Sushma M 201032006 Jayanthi Sivaswamy; Anubha Gupta
T688 Quality of Service in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Sujeethananda M 200742008 Rama Murthy, G
T692 Forward Imaging using Synthetic Aperture Redars Palash Jain 200831009 Sharma, K R; Rao, P R K
T702 Using Syllable Boundary Information for Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection Apoorv Reddy Arrabothu 200831004 Yegnanarayana, B
T703 Hierarchical System Design for Detection of Glaucoma from Color Fundus Images Madhulika Jain 200831007 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T712 Subword-Based Spoken Term Detection for Low resource Scenarios Basil George 200831005 Yegnanarayana, B
T714 Representation of Ballistic Strokes of Handwriting for Recoginition and Verification Prabhu Teja S 201032003 Anoop M Namboodri
T715 Subword-Based Spoken Term Detection for Low resource Scenarios Basil George 200831005 Yegnanarayana, B
T718 FPGA Based VLSI Architecture for Image Registration and Fusion of Multimodal Images for Surveillance Applications KshitIj Agrawal 200931009 Sharma, K R; Rao, P R K
T719 Searching for Small Objects in Indoor Environments using Mobile robots Siva Karthik Mustikovela 200931010 Madhava Krishna, K
T722 Design of High Performance Arithmetic Circuits using Novel Two Transistor (2T) XOR Gates Himani Upadhyay 201232697 Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T723 Significance of Knowledge-based Representation of Speech for Spoken Term Detection Abjijeet Saxena 200831001 Yegnanarayana, B
T748 Histopathological Image Analysis for Cancer Detection Anisha Dey 200831003 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T749 Speech Recognition Based Confidence Measures for Building Voices from Untranscribed Speech Tejas Subodh Godambe 201250821 Kishore Kothapalli; Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T753 Analysis of Mimicry Speech Based on Excitation source Information Gomathi D 200932001 Yegnanarayana, B
T754 Electrical Modeling of Biological Cells and Generation of Biopotentials Harsh Wardhan 201132644 Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T755 Wheeled Robots Playing Catch-Catch and Chain Catch Games Garima Agrawal 201031154 Kamalakar, Karlapalem
T756 Efficient Wireless Architectures Based on Hadoop Framework Srikanth Munjuluri 201232615 Rama Murthy, G
T760 Towards 1000x Capacity Challenge via Resource Allocation and Interference Management Viswanadh Konjeti 201232614 Rama Murthy, G
T762 Detection of Vowel Landmarks and its Application to Analysis of Speech-Laugh Sri Harsha Dumpala 201232699 Yegnanarayana, B
T769 Tomographic Image Reconstruction in Noisy and Limited Data Settings Syed Tabish Abbas 201031077 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T772 Distributed Spatial Modulation in Cognitive Relay Network Kunal Sankhe 201332507 Rama Murthy, G
T782 Multiuser Full-Duplex Communication Chandan Pradhan 201332539 Rama Murthy, G
T799 Biologically Inspired Methods for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Ujjwal 201132516 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T803 Low Power Charge Mode CMOS Implementation of Multichannel Signal Sensing Systems Bhuvanan K 201132585 Vijaya, Pasupureddi
T807 Autonomous Navigation of Generic Monocular Quadcopter Kumar Bipin 201232672 Madhava Krishna, K
T821 Development of Point of Care Testing Device for NIRS Based Online Imaging During Electric Brain Stimulation Utkarsh Jindal 201131001 Subhajit Roy Choudhury; Rahul Shrestha
T822 FPGA Based Massively Parallel Architectures for Super Fast Path Planning via Rapidly Exploring Random Trees (RRT) Gurshant Singh Malik 201131122 Madhava Krishna, K
T823 MIL-STD-1553+: an enhanced integrated controller and transceiver upgrade for MIL-STD-1553B at 100-Mb/s Prateek Pendyala 201232640 Vijaya Sankara Rao, Pasupureddi
T824 Optimal Whole-Body Motion Planning of Humanoids in Cluttered Environments Hari Teja Kalidindi 201432511 Sunil V Shah; Madhava Krishna, K
T825 Algorithms for High Performance Hardware Software Partioning Naman Goyal 201131133 Subhajit Roy Choudhury; Rahul Shrestha
T826 Studies on Cortical Excitability Regulation and Systemic Interference Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stinulation Mehak Sood 201234002 Subhajit Roy Choudhury; Rahul Shrestha
T832 Simultaneous Wireless Information and Energy Transfer in Multicarrier and Cooperative Communication Systems Sumit Gautam 201332679 Ubaidulla P
T833 Design and Analysis of CMOS Analog Front-End Circuits for High Speed Full-Duplex and Avoionics Data Communication Divya Duvvuri 201232555 Vijaya Sankara Rao, Pasupureddi
T843 Combining Monocular SLAM with Shape Priors for Reconstruction of Dynamic Vehicles Falak Chhaya 201232523 Madhava Krishna, K
T848 ASIC Design of a Hybrid Pipelined-Parallel Digital Fuzzy Processor Arirban guha 200831002 Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T849 Development of High Performance Breath Acetone Sensing Device Anand Thati 201250916 Subhajit Roy Choudhury; Tapan Kumar Sau
T867 3D Localization and Wireless Sensor Network Balakrishna Pillalamarri 200950062 Rama Murthy, G
T878 Visual Perception Based Assistance for Fundus Image Readers Sarudhdhi B Rangrej 201432631 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T881 Non Invasive Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrhythmia, Coronary Artery Disease Through Fingertip Photoplethysmography Neeraj Sudhir Paradkar 201232533 Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T882 Population Specific Template Construction and Brain Structure Segmentation using Deep Learning Methods Raghav Mehta 201432625 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T883 Complaint Modular Robot for Climbing Obstacles, Stairs and Multi-Agent system Applications Sri Harsha Turlapati 201231088
T904 Design for an automated optical coherence Tomography analysis system Karthik Gopinath 201450857 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T910 Investigation of static and transient characteristics of 4H-Sic IGBT using High-K Dielectrics Vidya Naidu G 201432658 Srivastava Jandyala
T936 Dempster-Shafer Theory Based Cooperative Energy Detection under Noise Uncertainties in cognitive Radio Networks Prakash Borpatra Gohain 201432658 Sachin Chaudhari
T937 Building Detection in VHR Satellite Imagery by using Fast ICA and MSER Lipika Agarwal 201232545 Rajan, K S
T939 Design of RF Senson Cavities for Detection of Permittivity and Permeability of Bio-Liquids Pratik Porwal 201532653 Syed Azemuddin; Prabhakar, Bhimalapuram; Tapan Kumar Sau
T947 Inband D2D Communication for mmWave 5G Cellular Networks Godiraju Divija Swetha 201532630 Rama Murthy, G
T949 Egocentric Action Recognition and Pose Inference Using Deep-learnt Features Bharat Lal Bhatnagar 201231205 Jawahar, C V; Chetan Arora
T959 Residual Self-Interference Mitigation in Full-Duplex Two-Way MIMO Relaying Network Nachiket Ayir 201532554 Ubaidulla P
T982 Gender Differences in Facial Emotion Perception for User Profiling via Implicit Behavioral Signals Maneesh Bilalpur 201532589 Ramanathan Subramanian
T983 Indian Language Identification using Deep Neural Networks Mounika Veera Kamsali 201334011 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T984 FPGA Implementation of Digital Architecture to Estimate the Direction of Arrival for Adaptive Array Antenna Based on Matrix Pencil Technique Soumitr Sanjay Dubey 201131016 Subhajit Roy Choudhury; Rahul Shrestha
T986 Spectrum Sensing of FBMC Signals in 5G and Cognitive Radios Upender Reddy Keesara 201532549 Sachin Chaudhari
T992 Design of Compliant OmniCrawler Modules for Modular Robots Sachdeva Enna 201532655 Abhishek Sarkar; Madhava Krishna, K
T1006 FPGA Realized Parallel Architectures for Classical and CNN's Based Image Segmentation Algorithms Roopal Nahar 201331242 Madhava Krishna, K
T1007 Core Compact Models for Symmetric Multi-Gate Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistors Haranadha Reddy Mulaka 201332690 Srivastava Jandyala
T1008 Category-Level Object Models to Enhance Monocular SLAM Rishabh Khawad 201331187 Madhava Krishna, K
T1009 Understanding Curbs and Intersections for Effective On-Road Driving Danish Sodhi 201331202 Madhava Krishna, K
T1010 Learning Multi-Goal Reachability in a Humanoid Robot using Deep Reinforcement Learning Phaniteja Sigamaneni 201231009 Abhishek Sarkar
T1011 Landmark Detection in Retinal Images Gaurav Mittal 201232644 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T1012 Exploration of Multiple Imaging mOdalities for Glaucoma Detection Gamalapati Sai Jahnavi 201334006 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T1019 Computational Video Editing and Re-editing Moneish Kumar 201331154 Vineet Gandhi
T1020 Investigation of the Annotated Data Sparsity Problem in the Medical Domain Pujitha Appan Kandala 201231211 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T1021 Building Scalable and Unrestricted Text to Speech Systems for Indian Languages Sai Krishna Rallabandi 201332675 Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T1022 Document Image Quality Assessment Pranjal Kumar Rai 201331043 Vineet Gandhi
T1044 Joint Wireless Transfer of Information and Energy in Cooperative Relay Networks Prudhvi Deep M 201331045 Ubaidulla P
T1045 Multi-task Reinforcement Learning for Shared Action Spaces in Robotic Systems Parijat Dewangan 201331002 Abhishek Sarkar; Madhava Krishna, K
T1052 Empiraeal Computational Investigation of Aesthetic Attributes Gautam Kumar Malu 200731004 Bipin Indurkhya; Bapi Raju Surampudi
T1056 Decision Making under Risk: studied using Gamblinganess Dhriti Goyal 201331132 Kavita Vemuri
T1062 Learning Varied Feature Representation through Diverse Neural Architectures for Cross-Lingual Voice Conversia Sai Sirisha R 201532635 Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T1075 Towards Data Driven Cinematography and Video Retargeting using Gaze Kranthi Kumar Rachavarapu 201532563 Vineet Gandhi
T1076 Digital VLSI Architectures of Multiple-Radix Maximum-A-Posterori and Turbo Decoders for Low-Power Wireless Communication Ashutosh Sharma 201331089 Rahul Shrestha
T1095 FPGA Based Hybrid Architecture for Parallelizing RRT with Software Defined Multi-RRT Sending Krishna Gupta 201131116 Madhava Krishna, K
T1099 Geneating Power and Area Efficient Image Processing Pipelines through a DSL Compiler on FPGAs using Automated Bitwidth T Vinamra Benara 201331007 Suresh Reddy, Purini
T1102 Neurogaming-Designing Human System Interfaces for Rehabilitation Rajat Singla 201331155 Kavita Vemuri
T1104 Algorithm Based Robust Transistor Sizing for Optimal Power-Delay Designs in CMOS Digital VLSI Circuits Prateek Gupta 20162066 Zia Abbas
T1106 Uniprior Index Coding Vijaya Kumar Mareedu 201432634 Prasad Krishnan
T1107 Index Coding: rank invariant extensions Vamsi Krishna, G 201450804 Prasad Krishnan
T1110 Leveraging Object Shape and Scene Geometry for Online Multi Object Tracking using Monocular Camera Sarthak Sharma 201431059 Madhava Krishna, K
T1112 Optimal Index Codes Via a Duality Between Index Coding and Network Coding Ashok Choudhary 201450805 Prasad Krishnan
T1113 Empathy-Related Response Towards Faces of Female Rape Victims: an fMRI study Nikita Sharma 20162144 Kavita Vemuri
T1132 Parallel and Pipelined VSLI Implementation of the Modified Radix-2 DIT FFT Algorithm Sharsha Keerthan 201331165 Azemuddin Syed
T1133 Novel Implementation of Bistable Switches Anyam Apuroop Kumar Reddy 201331051 Azemuddin Syed
T1134 Optimal Resource Allocation and Transceiver Design for NOMA Relay Networks Shaik Zakir Hussain 20162103 Ubaidulla P
T1135 On Regenerating Codes with Cooperative and Centralized Repair for Two Erasures Bh Rekha Devi 201431212 Lalitha Vadlamani
T1136 Data Reduction for IoT Networks: algorithms and implementation Anish Shastri 20162111 Sachin Chaudhari
T1139 Rigid Payload Transport System with Loosely Coupled Robots Pulkit Verma 20162062 Kamalakar, Karlapalem
T1141 Retinal Image Quality Improvement Via Learning Sukesh Adiga V 20162017 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T1144 Motion Planning Framework for Autonomous Vehicle: a time scaled collision cone approach Sai Bhargav Kumar A V S 20162054 Madhava Krishna, K
T1146 Extending visual Object Tracking for Long Time Horizons Abhinav Moudgil 201331079 Vineet Gandhi
T1147 Crucial Wavelength Selection for Selective Nutrients of Sorghum Nikita Charturvedi 201431214 Syed Azemuddin
T1148 Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Driving in Complex Urban Scenarios Raghu Ram Theerthala 20172070 Madhava Krishna, K
T1154 Development and Control of a Humanoid robot with Articulated Spine Divyanshu Goel 201131085 Sunil V Shah; Madhava Krishna, K
T1159 Power Efficient Back-Terminated HDMI Signaling System Gopikrishnan Radhakrishnan 201032001 Syed Azemuddin
T1183 Multilingual Phonetic Features for Indian Language Identification Tirusha, Mandava 20172090 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T1184 Towards Developing a Multiple Modality Fusion Technique for Automatic Detection of glucoma Divya Jyothi, Gaddipati 201331069 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T1208 Applying Production Knowledge to Speech Signal Processing Bhanu Teja Nellore 201232637 Yegnanarayana, B; Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T1209 On Designing Efficient Deep Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation Nikitha Vallurupalli 201331220 Jawahar, C V; Girish Varma
T1210 The Variations Aware Algorithm Driven Optimisation and Performance Modelling Approach for CMOS/FinFET Circuits Shirisha Gourishetty 201531185 Zia Abbas
T1211 Enhancing Object Goal Navigation by Exploiting Semantic Priors and Improving Long-Term Goals Amarthya Sasi Kiran Dharmala 20171110 Madhava Krishna, K
T1228 Structure-Aware Monocular Visual-Inertial Navigation of UNmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) in Urban Seens Thatavarthy VVSST Ayyappa Swamy 2019702011 Madhava Krishna, K
T1234 Stationary Vs Mobile IoT Nodes: a spation-Temporal Analysis of PM, Air Pollution Data Souradeep Deb 2019702004 Sachin Chaudhari; Rajan, K S
T1245 Accuracy Configurable FPGA Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms Shivani Maurya 201234001 Suresh Reddy, Purini
T1255 Design and Development of Dual-Band Integrated Network Analyzer for Water Solvent Based RF Bio Sensors Awasthi, Mayank 2018702010 Azemuddin Syed
T1262 Development of Annotation Guidelines, Datasets and Deep Networks for Palm Leaf Manuscripts Layout Understanding Aitha, Sowmya 2018702007 Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla
T1270 IoT Data Processing for Smart City and Semantic Web Applications Shubham, Mante 2019702003 Aftab M Hussain
T1289 Labour Monitoring in Pregnant Women using Phonocardiography, Electrocardiography and Electromyography technique Anushka Tiwari 2020702020 Aftab M Hussain
T1290 Does Audio help in deep Audio-Visual Saliency prediction models? Ritvik Agrawal 2018122005 Vineet Gandhi
T1295 Collision avoidance for aerial robots operating in the context of Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) Ishaan Khare 20171153
T1297 Compact electric vehicle charging infrastructure for two-wheelers: From grid system to grid free Deeksha Devendra 2018122007 Aftab M Hussain
T1307 Discrete and continuous trajectory optimization methods for complex robot systems Dipanwita , Guhathakurta 2018112004 Madhava Krishna, K; Arunkumar Singh
T1310 Towards Extracting and Utilising Entities in Task Specific Low Resource Settings Swayatta Daw 2020702016 Vikram Pudi
T1315 Development of Customizable Head Mounted Device for Virtual Reality Applications Pawankumar Gururaj, Yendigeri 2020702006 Syed Azemuddin; Raghu Babu Reddy Y
T1316 Invertible Particle flow based Gaussian and Gaussian Sum Particle filters Rajasekahar Karthik, Comandur 2019702017 Santosh Nannuru
T1323 Exploring EEG Microstates During Motor Movements: A Study on Tip-Pinch and Wrist Flexion & extension Supreeth S Karan 20171311 Kavita Vemuri
T1338 Predictive Control of Aerial Robots for Safety critical operations using Barrier Lyapunov function Venkat, Mudheda 2018112006 Harikumar Kandath
T1343 Low Power Analog Circuit Design and Radio Frequency Circuits for Biomedical Applications Samriddhi Agarwal 2020702015 Zia Abbas
T1345 Analysis of Vowel Articulation and Perception Using Acoustic Parameters Haala Deeba Abbas 20162302 Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T1346 Design and Characterization of Crossbar architecture Velostat-based Flexible Writing Pad Mohee Datta Gupta 2018112005 Aftab M Hussain
T1348 Intelligent transportation System using wireless sensors networks Aishwarya, Jain 201231103 Rama Murthy, G
T1350 Towards Microfluidic Color Detection Using Micropumps Shreya,Malkurthi 2019122001 Aftab M Hussain
T1358 The role individual physical body measurements and activity on spine kinematics during flexion, lateral bending, twist, and squat tasks in healthy young adults-comparing marker(less) data Harsh Sharma 20171157 Kavita Vemuri
T1363 Adaptive Artificial Time Delay Control for Robotic Systems Swati Dantu 2020702014 Spandan Roy
T1364 Noise Suppression by Artificial Neural Networks Aman Singh 201331185 Rama Murthy, G
T1376 Algorithm Driven Transistor sizing based Power-Timing Optimization Methodology for CMOS Digital Circuits Hema Sai, Kalluru 201531221 Zia Abbas
T1380 Real Time Monocular Scene Understanding and Multibody SLAM in Bird's Eye View Swapnil Naresh Daga 201531063 Madhava Krishna, K
T1386 Fingerprint Disentanglement for Presentation Attack Generalization Across Sensors and Materials Gowri Lekshmy 20171053 Anoop Namboodiri
T1392Simultaneous Detection and Estimation of DOA and PRI of Multiple Threat Radars using a Real time Parallel FFTLakshmi Pradeep, Bheema2021701028Azeemuddin, Syed
T1406Accelerating Lu-Decomposition of Arbitrarily Sized Matrices on FPGAsKrishna Kumar Maram2018122003Suresh Purini
T1420 Actuator Fault Detection, Isolation and Fault Tolerant Control of a Hexacopter UAV Aditya, Mulgundkar 2020900037 Harikumar Kandath
T1424 IoT-Based Smart Water Monitoring: Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques Lall, Ayush Kumar 2020122001 Sachin Chaudhari
T1425 Data exploration, Playing styles, and Gameplay for Cooperative Partially Observable Games: Pictionary as a case study Kannan, Kiruthika 2018702001 Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla
T1444 Canonicalization of Neural Fields Rohith, Agaram 2021702026 Madhava Krishna, K
T1445 Performance Analysis of Selective DF Relaying for Satellite-IoT Nikhil Lamba 2020702007 Sachin Chaudhari
T1446 Design of Voltage Controlled Oscillators at mm Wave Frequencies for FMCW Radars Srayan Sankar Chatterjee 2021702008 Abhishek Srivastava
T1448 Investigating Structural and Functional Pathology in Cocaine use Disorder Sai Siddharth, Duvvada 2018122006 Vinoo Alluri
T1449 Distributed Multi-User Secret Sharing and Results on Unique and List Decoding of Codes Rasagna, Chigullapally 20171003 Lalitha Vadlamani
T1450 FInC Flow: fast and invertible k X k convolutions for normalizing flows Aditya V Kallappa 2019702012 Girish Varma
T1451 Design Techniques and Architectural Solutions for RF Circuits and Systems for Portable Sensing Applications Adithya Sunil Edakkadan 2019102005 Abhishek Srivastava
T1457 Scalable Remote Labs using Miniature Setups and Partial Streams Animesh Das 20161302 Sachin Chaudhari
T1458 Automatic Detection of Parkinsons Disease using Cepstral Features derived from Speech Signals Ponnam, Monica 201131227 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T1459 Decoding Gender and Musical Expertise From Brain Responses to Music: a comparison of functional connectivity measures Jain, Arihant 201431001 Vinoo, Alluri
T1473 Design of Circuits & Systems for Healthcare Sensing Application 2021702009 Abhishek Srivastava
T1474 Assessing the Influence of Loss Framing on Insurance Consumption: A Game-Simulated Analysis Examining the Interplay with Socioeconomic Status Lahoti, Kunal 2018122002 Kavita Vemuri
T1475 Anti-swing Control of Quadrotors during Human Interaction: An Adaptive Approach Ananth Rachakonda 2021702025 Roy, Spandan
T1476 Air Pollution Monitoring in Urban Areas Using Low Cost IoT Devices: ML Based Calibration and Mobile Sensing Sara, Spanddhana 2020702021 Sachin Chaudhari
T1494 Innovative Solutions for LDO Design Challenges in the Era of Expanding 3D NAND Flash Arrays: a multi-loop FVF driver topology approach Ashish Papreja 2020702011 Azeemuddin, Syed
T1495 Development of Cost Effective Gait Mat for Assessment of Depression Mohammad Waqas Wani 2021702018 Azeemuddin, Syed & Raghu Babu Reddy Y
T1496 Implementation of Epoch Detection and its Application on FPGA Syed Abdul Jabbar 2020702022 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T1497 Exploring Acoustic and Linguistic Features in Alzheimer's Dementia Anand Vats, Nayan 2019702006 Anil Kumar, Vuppala