Thesis in MS-VLSI Embedded Systems

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T69 Towards realizing optimal reversible logic circuits Srinivas, M B 200442001 Srinivas, M B
T99 Coding techniques for energy and delay minimization in VLSI inter connects Sainarayanan, K S 200442002 Srinivas, M B
T108 Provisioning of quality of science for network on chip architecture Mayank Agarwal 200442003 Srinivas, M B
T139 Coding Scheases for delay minimization in VLSI interconnects Raghunandan, C 200542001 Srinivas, M B
T140 Laser control of selective vibrational excitation in heter Manas Agarwal 200661003 Harjinder Singh
T144 Power Management of Chip Multiprocessors Abu Saadapapa 200642001 Madhu Mutyam
T145 Process Variation Tolerant Caches Abid Hussain, Md 200642002 Madhu Mutyam
T153 Word Interleaved Cache Architecture Venkata Kalyan T 200642004 Madhu Mutyam
T197 Dissertation on Anchor Free Localization and Routing Strategies for Mobile and Static Wireless Sensor Networks Md. Aquil Mirza 200742004 Rama Murthy, G
T236 Transition Inversion Based for Power Coding for Buffered Bus System Abhinash R 200742006 Govindarajulu, R
T289 Modified Glitch-free and Cascadeble Adiabatic Logic Circuits Prashanth Paramahans 200742003 Satyam, M
T292 ESD and Overvoltage Protection Issues in Modern IC Technology Akshay Kumar 200742001 Satyam, M
T304 Design of Low Power Applications using Inexact Logic Circuits Bharghava R 200741005 Suresh Reddy, Purini; Govindarajulu, R
T407 Simplified Method of Error-Rate Estimation in Noisy Digital Circuits Anshul Singh 200631002 Satyam, M
T432 Low Power Logic Circuits Immune from Power Analysis Attacks Pradeep Kumar Sana 200531005 Satyam, M
T445 Design of Interface Circuit for Differential Capacitance Measurement Swathi Reddy A 200742007 Satyam, M
T467 Probabilistic Computing for the Design of Low Power and High Speed Motion Estimation Architectures Charvi Dhoot 200631003 Chowdhury, S R
T492 Faster Approach Towards Fault Detection and Diagnosis in ASICs and FPGAs Sumit Rai 200631006 Satyam, M
T100 Hardware-efficient algorithms and architectures for Montgomery multiplication and inversion over galois prime fields for elliptic-curve cryptography Kamala, R V 200442004 Srinivas, M B
T109 Incremental Artwork Analysis for Large VLSI Layouts Akash Agrawal 200541002 Prosenjit Gupta
T119 Coding techniques for energy and delay minimization in VLSI interconnects Sainarayananan, K S 200442002 Srinivas, M B
T217 Efficient and High-Speed FFT Architecture for Software Defined Radio Shashank Mittal 200542002 Srinivas, M B