Thesis in MS-Exact Humanities

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T777 Critique of Cognitive Capitalism: a political economy of knowledge-based internet industries Pravin Patil 201056160 Navjyoti Singh
T778 Hypergraph Based Ontology of Movies Sandeep Reddy Biddala 201056170 Navjyoti Singh
T781 Towards Building a Lexical Ontology Resource Based on Intrinsic Senses of Words Spandana Otra 201056168 Navjyoti Singh
T810 Modelling Lexical Psychology of an Individual Shivani Poddar 201156152 Navjyoti Singh
T811 Towards Construction of Social Automaton Sindhu Kiranmai Emala 201156078 Navjyoti Singh
T853 Language Based Cultural Photographic Filters Bharat Munshi 201056174 Navjyoti Singh
T884 Use of Trust in Social Mechines Arpit Merchant 201156117 Navjyoti Singh
T899 Study of Consonance of Musical Tones Radha Manisha K 201156221 Navjyoti Singh
T913 Novel Stochastic Approaches in Dynamic Social Choice Shikhar Raje 201056157 Navjyoti Singh
T932 Cultural Objects: an inquiry into embedded stories Priyanka Suresh 201256152 Navjyoti Singh
T956 Ontology and Event Grammar Based Analysis of Tennis Pushyami Rachapudi 201156057 Navjyoti Singh
T957 Computational Study of Ornaments in Hindustani Music Schyuth Narayan S 201256001 Navjyoti Singh
T962 Towards Understanding Affinities among Legal Judgements Akshay Minocha 201056161 Dipti Misra Sharma; Navjyoti Singh
T1005 Computational Study of the Politics of Emotions: an analysis of Curisosity and Outrage in Online Platforms Lasya Venneti 201356157 Aniket Alam
T1018 Analysis of Actor Interactions in International Relations VenuMadhav Kattagoni 201356126 Vasudeva Varma
T1039 Towards Developing a Lexical Ontology Resource and Augmenting Novel Approaches for Sentiment Analysis Task through Enrichment of Available Resource in Telugu Sreekavitha Parupalli 201356194 Radhika Mamidi
T1055 Study of Argument Structure in Parliamentary Dabates Venkata Krishna Rohit Sakale 201356204 Manish Shrivastava
T1070 Legal Issues and Computational Measures at the Cross-Section of AI, Law and Policy Shubham Rathi 201356033 Aniket Alam
T1090 Technology, Right Wing, and Feminism: a discursive study Isha Mangurkar 201456041 Nimmi Rangaswamy
T1137 Reversing the Gaze: empowering citizenship through digital humanities Dhruv Sapra 201456225 Aniket Alam
T1138 Computational Analysis of Humour Vikram Ahuja 201256040 Radhika Mamidi
T1168 Animals and the Metro: street dogs and the changing conception of urban spaces Shreedhar Manek 201456231 Radhika Krishnan
T1169 Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach to Analyzing Social Behaviors in an Online Multi-Player Game Arpita Chandra 201156100 Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
T1230 Improvised Sequence Generation in North Indian Classical Music Kartavya Gupta 201356193 Ashwin Jayanti
T1272 Exploring the Relationship Between the Processes of Abstraction and Creativity Vanalata, Bulusu 201556135 Priyanka Srivastava