Thesis in MS-PS

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T137 PMU based dynamic state estimation for power system monitoring Shiva Kumar, N R 200571001 Amit Jain
T202 Expert System adhesion for fault diagnosis Babita Jain M 200672001 Srinivas, M B; Amit Jain
T437 Thermal Modeling of Electrical Utility Transformers Haritha V V S S 200742002 Rama Murthy, G
T474 New Parameter State Estimator with Strategically Placed PMU for a Smart Power Grid Sivaramakrishnan Raman 200871003 Amit Jain
T552 Optimal Unit Commitment using Swarm Intelligence for Secure Operation of Solar Energy Integrated Smart Grid Ravikanth Reddy Gaddam 200871002 Amit Jain
T707 Optimal Renewable Generation Integration to the Power Distribution Systems Venkata Srinath N 200971001 Amit Jain