Thesis in PhD-CSE

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T131 Recognition and retrieval from document image collections Millim Meshesh 200299004 Jawahar, C V
T184 Recall Oriented Approaches For Improve Indian Language Information Access Prasad Rao, Pingali V V 200322004 Vasudeva Varma
T208 Extraction of Linguistic Information from Acoustic data for Building Speech Systems Sebsibe Hailemariam Dadi 200299005 Rajeev Sangal; Kishore Prahalad
T290 Modeling and Application of Linguistic Similarity Anil Kumar Singh 200322001 Dipti Misra Sharma
T314 E-Contract Modeling and E-Enactment Radha Krishna P 200799010 Kamalakar, Karlapalem
T315 Maximal Frequent Subgraph Mining Lini Teresa Thomas 200599002 Kamalakar, Karlapalem
T323 Statistical Models Suited for Machine Translation from English to Indian Languages Sriram Venkatpathy 200399006 Rajeev Sangal
T329 Speculation-Based Protocols for Improving the Performance of Read-Only Transactions Raghunathan T 200499003 Krishna Reddy P
T393 Cognitive Model of Web-Navigation Based on Semantic Information from Pictures Saraschandra Karanam 200707024 Bipin Indurkhya
T410 Generalized Parsing Framework Based on computational Paninian Grammar Samar Husain 200522004 Rajeev Sangal; Dipti Misra Sharma
T412 Towards Join Order Templates Based Query Optimization: an empirical Evaluation Satyanarayana R Valluri 200299002 Kamalakar, Karlapalem
T421 Reverse nearest neighbors Driven Clustering and Visualization of High Dimensional Data Soujanya Vadapalli 200299003 Kamalakar, Karlapalem
T424 Improved Multiple Minimum Support Based Approaches to Mine Frequent Patterns Uday Kiran R 200550019 Krishna Reddy, P
T477 Fuzzy Associative Rule-Based Approach for Pattern Mining and Pattern-based Classification Ashish Mangalampalli 200799006 Vikram Pudi
T513 Computational Displays on Enhancing Displays using computation Pawan Kumar Harish 200507007 Narayanan, P J
T555 Bessel Features for Speech Signal Processing Chetana 200799001 Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T560 Efficient Data Structures for Range Aggregate Queries Ananda Swarup Das 200899001 Prosenjit Gupta; Srinathan Kannan
T621 Purpose Net Kiran Mayee P 200799003 Rajeev Sangal; Soma Paul
T644 Automatic Retinal Image Analysis for the Detection of Glaucoma Gopal Datt Joshi 200799015 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T660 Hybrid Multicore Algorithms for Some Semi-Numerical Applications and Graphs Dip Sankar Banerjee 200907007 Kishore Kothapalli
T679 Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection on Low Resource Language Gautam Mantena 200822001 Kishore Kothapalli
T684 Aligning Textual and Visual Data: towards scalable multimedia retrieval Pramod Sankar Kompalli 200499002 Jawahar, C V
T689 Towards Intelligent Text Mining under Limited Linguistic Resources Niraj Kumar 200607010 Srinathan Kannan; Vasudeva Varma
T701 Leveraging User Interactions and Contextual Factors for Improved Ad Targeting Kushal S Dave 200807026 Vasudeva Varma
T709 Development of Cross-Language Information Retrieval for Resource-Searee Arfican Languages Kula Kekeba Tune 200299007 Vasudeva Varma
T732 Cross Layer Protocols in cognitive Networks Deepti Singhal 201099007 Rama Murthy, G
T831 Understanding Text in Scene Images Anand Mishra 200907004 Jawahar, C V
T841 Software Engineering approach for Design of Educational Technologies Sridhar Chimalakonda 0 Kesav Vithal Nori
T854 Exploiting Linguistic Knowledge to Address Representation and Sparsites Issues in Dependency Parsing of Indian Languages Riyaz Ahmad Bhat 200922001 Dipti Misra Sharma
T860 Software Plug and Play Anand Kumar 200899011 Kesav Vithal Nori
T876 Design and Analysis of Intrusion Detection protocols for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks Mohammad Wazid 201499528 Ashok Kumar Das
T894 Human Pose Retrieval for Image and Video Collections Nataraj Jammalamadaka 200999002 Jawahar, C V
T895 Understanding Semantic Association Between Images and Text Yashaswi Verma 201199649 Jawahar, C V
T918 Case Study Oriented Learning Environment for software Engineering Kirti Garg 200599001 Vasudeva Varma
T931 Developing a Pilot Hindi Treebank Based on Computational Paninian Grammar Rafiya Begum M A 200422003 Dipti Misra Sharma
T963 Named Entity Extraction and Knowledge Base Enhancement Priya Radhakrishnan 201050035 Vasudeva Varma; Manish Gupta
T991 Design and Analysis of Three-Factor user Authentication Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks Anil Kumar Sutrala 201350881 Ashok Kumar Das
T997 Towards Understanding Dyslexia in a Language with Transparent Orthography: investigation of perceptual and phonological Suvarna Rekha Chinta 200950070 Bipin Indurkhya; Bapi Raju Surampudi
T1116 Recognizing People in Images and Videos Vijay Kumar 201299710 Anoop M Namboodri
T1121 Instance Invariant Visual Servoing Harit Pandya 201299636 Madhava Krishna, K
T1122 Concept Hierarchy Based Diverse Frequent Patterns Kumara Swamy Mittapalli 201099005 Krishna Reddy P
T1165 Anatomical Structure Segmentation in Retinal Images with some Applications in Disease Detection Arunava Chakravarty 201199525 Jayanthi Sivaswamy
T1190 Time Delay Estimation from Broadband Signals Using Single Frequency B H V S Narayana Murthy 200750048 Yegnanarayana, B
T1201 Improving Reuse in Weather-based Decision Support Systems A Mamatha 201399691 Krishna Reddy, P
T1203 Representation of Speech Using Features and Models of Production Anand Joseph X M 200799012 Yegnanarayana, B
T1237 Models and Algorithms for Mining Subgraph Coverage Patterns and Graph Transactional Coverage Patterns Srinivas Reddy Annappalli 2018801002 Krishna Reddy, P
T1277 Surrogate Approximations for Similarity Measures Nagendar, G 201099002 Jawahar, C V
T1294 Design and Analysis of Blockchain-Based Access Control Protocols for Internet of Drones Basudeb Bera 2019801002 Ashok Kumar Das
T1331 3D Shape Analysis: Reconstruction and Classification SaiSagar, Jinka 201550857 Avinash Sharma
T1423 Word Problem Solving Mishra, Pruthwik 201307577 Dipti Misra Sharma
T1441 Structure and Dynamics of Smoothened (SMO): a potential target for regulation of the Hedgehog (HH) signaling pathway Shweta Kumari 20172078 Abhijit Mitra & Gopalakrishnan, Bulusu
T1447 Towards Machine-Understanding of Document Images Mathew, Minesh 201307668 Jawahar, C V
T1467 Dialect Classification and Multi-Dialect Speech Recognition Rashmi, Kethireddy 20172044 Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T1485 Design and Analysis of Access Control Mechanisms for IoT Applications using Blockchain-as-a-service Sourav Saha 2019801003 Ashok Kumar Das