Thesis in PhD-ECE

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T344 Delay Modeling of Inductance-Dominated VLSI Interconnects Ravindra, J V R 200443001 Srinivas, M B
T528 Energy Efficient Sram Mamatha S 200633001 Satyam, M
T651 Analysis of Nonverbal Speech Sounds Vinay Kumar Mittal 201033001 Yegnanarayana, B
T677 Planning with Differential Constraints: application to navigation of wheeled mobile robots on uneven terrain and in Dyna Arun Kumar Singh 201099001 Madhava Krishna, K
T693 Design of Efficient VLSI Arithmetic Circuits Sreehari Veeramachaneni 200642003 Srinivas, M B
T735 Evolution, Trajectory Planning and Control on Unven Terrain for Wheeled Mobile Robots and Hybrid Wheeled-Legged Robots Vijay P Eathakota 200799008 Madhava Krishna, K
T736 CMOS RFIC Inductors Incorporated with Domain Patterned Permalloy Films and Investigation of Domain Dynamics therein Vasu Pulijala 201032008 Syed Azemuddin
T861 Semiconductor Ring Laser Gyroscopes-Modeling, Design and Critical Performance Limiting Parameters Arpit Khandelwal 201332506 Syed Azemuddin
T862 Artificial Intelligence Based Power System Load Forecasting for Smart Grid Satish B 200472001 Amit Jain
T919 Light Weight Serial Communication Protocol for Point to Point Connectivity Mrinal Sarmah 201050028 Syed Azemuddin
T969 Non Invasive Estimation of Blood Parameters using Fingertip Photoplethysmography Swathi Ramasahayam 201233686 Subhajit Roy Choudhury
T985 Multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis using Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Networks Sivanand Achanta 201132581 Kishore Prahalad
T1033 Single Frequency Filtering for Processing Degraded Speech Aneeja Gunnam 200950001 Yegnanarayana, B
T1034 Design of Highly-Efficient Affordable Power Management Circuits in High-Voltage 0.35 m Technology for Automotive Applica Gowri Krishna Kanth Avalur 200943001 Syed Azemuddin
T1046 Subsampling CMOS Frontends for Multistandard Reconfigurable RF Radios Ajinkya Umesh Kale 201232574 Vijaya Sankara Rao, Pasupureddi
T1047 Analysis of Excitation Information in Expressive Speech Sudarsana Reddy Kadiri 201132574 Yegnanarayana, B
T1048 Short Term Load Forecasting for Smart Power Systems Babita Kumar Jain 200672001 Amit Jain
T1074 Salient Futures for Multilingual Speech Recognition in Indian Senario Hari Krishna Vdama 201433663 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T1119 Analysis of Dynamics of Vocal Tract System using Zero Time Windowing Method Ravi Shankar Prasad 201032004 Yegnanarayana, B
T1120 Analysis of Emotional Speech using Excitation Source Information Paidi Gangamohan 201050078 Yegnanarayana, B; Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T1179 Vowel Region Based Speech Analysis and Applications Ramakrishna Thirumuru 201350923 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T1248 Applications of Radio Frequency in Sensing of Biomolecules, Nanoparticles and Surfactants Mazumder, Annesha 20172021 Syed Azemuddin
T1274 Security and Protection of Facial Biometrics Systems Srinivasa Rao, Chalamala 200850022 Yegnanarayana, Bayya
T1298 Investigation of Features for Acoustic Scene Classification Chandrasekhar, Paseddula 201550804 Suryakanth V Gangashetty
T1299 Implicit Indian Language Identification Using Different Deep Neural Network Architectures Ravi Kumar, Vuddagiri 201350851 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T1388Design of CMOS Proteretic Device and its ApplicationsKhan, Salma20163039Azeemuddin, Syed
T1389Fault Tolerant Multimodal Safety Related Medical SystemsVenkata Ram Prasada Raju, Lakkamraju201150821Chowdhury, Shubhajitroy
T1397Scaling Blockchain using Codes and DRL based Approach for Block Chain and UAVDivija Swetha Gadirjau2018802001Lalitha, Vadlamani
T1418 Towards Building an Automatic Speech Recognition Systems in Indian Context using Deep Learning Sai Ganesh Mirishkar 2018802003 Anil Kumar, Vuppala
T1422 Multichannel Phonocardiography System for Cardiac Dagnosis Madhu Babu, Anumukonda 201250890 Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury
T1442 Bounds and Constructions of Maximally Recoverable Codes for Various Topologies Shivakrishna Dasi 201533650 Lalitha Vadlamani
T1454 Soft Computing Application for Similar Day Based Electrical Short Term Load Forecasting Santosh Kumar, Kukkadapu 200872001 Amit Jain