Thesis in PhD-Civil Engineering

ACC-No. Title of the Project Work Name of the student Roll No. Name of the Supervisor
T500 Numerical Approach to Model Near Field Fault Normal Ground Motions in Reverse Fault Scenario Mohammed Ahmed Hussain 200712001 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T535 Inelastic Seismic Response of RC Moment Resisting Brick Infilled Frames with and without Brands Archanaa Dongre 200714001 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T544 Effect of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction on Seismic Behavior of Pile Supported Frame Buildings Sushma Pulikanti 200612001 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T652 Development of a Comprehensive Seismic Risk Assessment Model for Built Environment: a case study of Nanded-Waghala city, Maharashtra Narender, Bodige 200811001 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T657 Expended energy Based Seismic Damage Assessment Method for Reinforced Concrete Bare Frames Vimala A 201011001 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T744 Numerical Modeling of Near Fault Seismic Ground Motions for Strike-Slip and Dip-Slip Faults Rajaram Chenna 201112639 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T745 Non-Linear Numerical Modeling of Tectonic Plate for Understanding Crustal Deformation and Stress Accumulation at Plate Junctions Venkata Dilip Kumar P 200712002 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T747 Seismic Soil Structure Interaction analysis of Piled-Raft Supported Asymmetrical Buildings Pallavi Badry 201212716 Neelima Satyam
T1117 Early Design Methodology for Energy Efficient Building Design Aviruch Bhatia 201215641 Vishal Garg
T1193 Relative Weightage of Selected Structural Parameters on Overall Vulnerability of RC MRF Buildings Aniket Bhalkikar 201412650 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1196 Non-linear Response of RC Frame Considering P-V-M Interaction and Design Amplification Factors for Open Ground Storey Structure Swajit Singh Goud 201111552 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1197 Seismic Response of Rock Tunnels in Mixed Himalayan Geology Ambika Srivastav 201512665 Neelima Satyam; Rajan, K S
T1213 Dynamic Response Analysis of Shallow Foundation Resting on Coal Ash Deposit Meegada V Ravi Kishore Reddy 201512660 Supriya Mohanty G; Shaik Rehana
T1257 Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Moment Resisting Frames and Frames with Structural Walls Subjected to Near and Far-Fault Ground Motions Neelima, Patnala V S 201512644 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1268 Model Updating of Long Uniform Buildings with Expansion Joints Hima Chandan, Dasari 201012001 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1275 Numerical Modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction Using Efficient Radiating Boundary Conditions Ravi Shankar, Badry 201350853 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1313 Seismic Hazard and Seismic Slope Stability Assessment of Darjeeling Sikkim Himalayas , India Shiny Neharika, GN 20162314 Rajan, K S; Neelima Satyam
T1408 Framework for Improving the Seismic Behaviour of RC MRF Buildings Resting on Hill Slopes Pammi Raghu Nandan Vyas 20172080 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1465 Strengthening Sequence Based on the Relative Weightage of Members in Global Damage Using Energy Dissipation Model Niharika 20172094 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1468 Seismic Performance of Indian RC Tall Buildings with Transfer Beam Located in Lower Seismic Zone II Dilip, Velani Pulkit 20162311 Pradeep Kumar, Ramancharla
T1492 Hybrid Machine Learning Framework for River Water Quality Prediction Under Data Uncertainties Rajesh, Maddu 2019900041 Shaik Rehana